Greater Manchester (GM) has a reputation for being a place where there is a strong commitment to improving the lives of all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans citizens. There is a wide network of LGBTQ+ support throughout Greater Manchester. 

Evidence shows that people in this community often desire to seek support from inside the community itself and to be supported by mainstream inclusive services. With this in mind, a new GM LGBTQ+ Online Dementia Support Group is being established. The group will meet the first Tuesday of every month, 14:00-15:30, via Zoom. The flyer below has more details about the group, the Zoom link and contact details for anyone who is interested in finding out more and/or joining on the day. The first meeting of this group will be 3 August 2021.

Please feel free to share the flyer on social media and with colleagues, friends and family.

Why is there a need for a support group like this?

Due to the long history of discrimination experienced by many LGBT+ people when accessing mainstream services, LGBT+ people are wary or reluctant to access services today. This is despite greater legal protection from discrimination for LGBTQ+ people (such as The Equality Act, 2010). Anecdotal evidence indicates that LGBTQ+ people living with dementia face particular challenges when accessing services. These challenges can include:

  • Being unable to ‘come out’ about sexual orientation, gender identity and trans status for fear of discrimination from care, housing or other service providers
  • Being less likely to have wider family support, and may rely more on their “chosen family” (friends rather than blood relations)
  • More likely to be anxious of accessing services and support as an LGBTQ+ person because of historic or current discrimination from staff, residents and service users
  • More likely to be isolated due to the lack of services and support

Further information and resources