It's #AutismAwarenessWeek. Autism is a spectrum. This means everybody is different.

World Autism Awareness Week is an opportunity to celebrate, as well as encouraging awareness and education. It’s a chance to speak up for the rights of all autistic people, and highlight the obstacles that many autistic people face. Autism Awareness Week aims to improve people's understanding of autism and help make the world friendlier to those who are affected by it.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about autism here: OSAB Frequently Asked Questions - Autism.pdf

How can you help to encourage awareness?

  • OSAB and OSCP will be tweeting about #AutismAwarenessWeek throughout the week. Take a look and share the tweets: @SafeguardOldham
  • Share and read all about The National Autistic Society's Super 7 Challenge here.
  • Take a look at and share the Healthtalk video series about the experience of life on the autism spectrum. By listening to people share their personal stories on film, researchers travelled all around the UK to talk to people in their own homes. Find out what people said about issues such as communication, obsessions, intimate relationships and difficulties with employment.
  • View and share this short video from the National Austistic Society 'What is Autism?':

  • View and share this short video from the Social Care Institute for Excellence about working with people with autism. In the video, a social worker supporting a young man with autism with his transition to adult services and a care worker in a day setting discuss effective support for people with autism. They talk of the need to challenge and stimulate people with autism, while focusing at all times on very skilled communication methods, and on the need of many people with autism for structure and relatively tranquil environments: