Oldham Personal Advocacy Limited (OPAL) is working with Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind to help them deliver their Connect 5 training to learning disabled and/or autistic people in Oldham. Participants must be unemployed or economically inactive. For more information, please call OPAL on 0161 633 5544 or email neil.dockerty@opal-advocacy.org.uk 

Connect 5 provides an introduction to:

  • Characters whose stories span the six connect 5 training sessions
  • The five ways to wellbeing
  • The five areas model (on which the sessions are based)
  • Different public health models of mental health, mental illness and mental wellbeing
  • Initiating conversations about mental wellbeing and the key skills needed

The focus of Connect 5 is to enable you to feel more confident and skilled to work collaboratively with individual adults, so you can help them improve their mental wellbeing and:

  • Better understand language around mental health, mental wellbeing and mental illness
  • Learn about local services and self-help resources available
  • Become more confident about offering wellbeing advice and support to people around you
  • Provide an accessible, de-stigmatised common language and understanding with which to confidently discuss mental wellbeing and distress in day-to-day settings
  • Impact the numbers of people transitioning from poor mental wellbeing into serious mental health problems and to support improved access for those in need of specialist help.