Oldham Safeguarding Adults Board (OSAB) are pleased to share an essential 7-Minute Briefing about the findings and multi-agency learning within the Safeguarding Adult Review, Jessica.

7-Minute Briefings are based on research which suggests that seven minutes is an ideal time span in which to concentrate and learn. Learning for 7 minutes is manageable in most services and often more memorable as it is necessarily brief and not clouded by other issues and pressures. These short, safeguarding snapshots can be a helpful way to support team learning. 

Click on the image or link below to take a look.

OSAB 7-Minute Briefing Learning from SARs - Jessica.pdf

Please discuss this new 7-Minute Briefing in your next team meeting. OSAB would appreciate any comments or feedback you would like to share in relation to the topics included the briefing.