Oldham Safeguarding Adults Board has teamed up with Healthwatch Oldham to find out how easy it is for wheelchair users in Oldham to access social groups, physical activities and local services. We are doing this in response to the findings from a recent Safeguarding Adults Review.

Link to the survey: https://www.healthwatcholdham.co.uk/wheelchair-users-survey

The deadline for questionnaires to be completed and returned is Wednesday 10 February 2021.

This questionnaire recognises that now, more than ever, people must be able to maintain positive mental and physical health by keeping active and connecting regularly with friends and family. However, we have heard from people in Oldham that this can be hard for those who use a wheelchair to get about and sometimes lack of wheelchair access or appropriate or affordable transport can impact on people mental and physical wellbeing.

Therefore, we are asking wheelchair users in Oldham about their experiences to find out how easy it is to access social groups, physical activities and local services. The survey can be completed online or by calling Healthwatch Oldham who will send out a paper version or help people complete it over the phone. We will also be running virtual focus groups so if you would like to attend one of those please email your interest at info@healthwatcholdham.co.uk

We are also keen to contact any Oldham groups who would be happy for us to come and talk to members to hear about people‚Äôs experiences and help us change things for the better in Oldham.