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Oldham Safeguarding Adults Board regularly produces and shares podcasts about key safeguarding topics. Listen to these below. 

Practice Informed By Trauma
Listen to the first of the Oldham Safeguarding Adults Board podcasts with Norma Howes. Norma has contributed to our understanding of the impact of trauma at local, national and international levels and has taken the time to share her thoughts on what Practice Informed by Trauma looks like. Listen now.

Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control – Telling Untold Stories
Sarah Goff from Ann Craft Trust talks to safeguarding specialist and author Catherine Lawler about Domestic Abuse and coercive control. Catherine talks about her mothers’ long experience of Domestic Abuse, and how this abuse affects the physical and mental health of the whole family. Her story is harrowing. But Catherine has lots of useful advice for any families or individuals suffering from abuse in the home. Listen now.

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