What to do if you are worried about an adult

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If you suspect a person is at immediate risk of harm call 999 and speak to the Police. 

If you are concerned about an Adult suffering abuse, neglect or harm, or at risk of being PLEASE SPEAK TO SOMEONE. Contact the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) team: 

Call:  0161 770 7777 (8:40-17:00, Monday-Friday) or 0161 770 6936 
(Emergency Duty Team outside of these hours)

Email: adult.mash@oldham.gov.uk
Fax: 0161 770 1576

More information can be found on the following pages: 

What happens when you contact the MASH?
MASH take any concern that an adult at risk is being harmed, abused or neglected seriously.

If there is a concern that someone is suffering, or is at risk of suffering, significant harm this will be assessed by social services. Information may be shared between organisations in the MASH to inform this assessment, and to help decide what action needs to be taken. Where concerns are below the threshold for the involvement of social services, referrals may be passed to other services to provide support to individuals or families. But this can only happen with the consent of the individual or family involved.

Supporting People to be Safe in Oldham Leaflets
Please help us to raise awareness about safeguarding adults by printing and sharing our leaflets. They provide information and advice about how to raise concerns if someone is experiencing, or at risk of, abuse or neglect, and how to spot the signs of abuse or neglect.
OSAB Safeguarding Leaflet - How to Spot the Signs and How to Report (Online Version).pdf
OSAB Safeguarding Leaflet - How to Spot the Signs and How to Report (For Printing).pdf
OSAB Safeguarding Leaflet - Stop Adult Abuse (Ukrainian)

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